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Calle 8 entre 5 Ave y Zona Federal Maritima , Playa del Carmen, México - Dive Mike Map

Playa del Carmen is a perfect destination for divers of all levels, novices as well as experienced. The warm Caribbean Sea presents a multitude of colorful coral, sponges, tropical fish and other underwater wildlife. The coral reef outside Playa is a part of the second longest barrier reef in the world, exceeded only by the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Starting in the Yucatan, it reaches all the way down to Costa Rica. There are plenty of great divesites in the very near vecinity of Playa del Carmen, so we don't have to travel far to go diving. Some of our best dive sites are listed in our sitemap. Diving in Playa del Carmen is good year round. In the summer the ocean is calm and amazingly blue. In the winter a few degrees drop in temperature brings interesting wildlife, such as dolphins and sharks. All year around visibility is fantastic and the variety of life is amazing. On any given dive we see barrcuda, sea turtles, morays, nurse shark and of course an abundance of vibrant tropical fish.

Diving with Dive Mike means that you will have quality guiding and training. We are very familiar with all the best dive sites in the area, and can offer you a great variety for many days of diving. Playa del Carmen is also a perfect place to do some night diving. The familiar reef changes costume at night and you'll see squid, octopus and other nighttime creatures in the light of your flashlight. For the more experienced diver there are plenty of deeper reefs. We also have the wreck Mama Viña, which rests at a depth of about 27 meters or 90 feet. Diving in Playa del Carmen is varied and interesting. We can almost guarantee sea turtle encounters. From deeper mini-walls to cruising drifts, there are plenty of sites to keep you coming back for days.