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Playa del Carmen, México - Alltournative Map

Alltournative's day expeditions are just the right combination of off-track adventure travel, nature and Maya culture. Whether you choose one of the one-day expeditions or the half-day jungle expedition, you are guaranteed a thrilling new experience in the Mexican Caribbean!

How thrilling? Just imagine yourself entering the jungle on one of our original all-terrain Mercedes Benz Unimog's. Imagine zooming over lush jungle and lagoons on a series of exciting zip lines; doing rappel descent into crystal clear cenotes and snorkeling in underground rivers and caverns; canoe paddling on breathtaking fresh water lagoons; kayaking to coral reefs to snorkel and admire their numerous tropical fish; biking through jungle paths to visit local fauna.

Now imagine combining all that with a visit to an isolated Maya community; with a traditional Maya purification ceremony in a mystic cenote and with the discovery of the Maya ruins of Coba where you can climb Nohoch Muul, the tallest pyramid in the northern part of the Peninsula of Yucatan Mexico.