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Boca del Puma
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Puerto Morelos, México - Boca del Puma Map

Our ecological reserve has 100 hectares or 250 acres of virgin jungle in the Riviera Maya. The tours offered in the reserve (Zipline, Horseback Riding or ATV’s) have been created using the natural layout of the land and disturbing as little as possible the natural animal and plant life existing in the reserve.
Other contributions that take place on our reserve are Scouts programs, courses for rescue training and first aid, leadership training and outings for universities and corporations both international and local, local education to try to stop hunting and dumping of garbage, setting an example of conciousness toward animals and planet.

The main attraction of our tours is the love, passion and history of this land, meeting the people who lived and grew up in the area and a visit into the family historical museum. Other attractions are the folklore of the trees and plants, the pineapple garden, the giante cieba tree´ and its “Xtaby”, the guardian of our beautiful cristal clear natural cenote, and stories of “Alux”, the little protectors left by the Mayans. Also included is visiting the zapote tree for a demonstration of how the chicle gum was harvested and produced and being drawn into the mystical world of our jungle paradise.

Incredible Extreme Zipline Tour, 7 unique zip’s from the heights of the skies down into the jungle depths from our majestic 24 meter principle tower.
Original Horseback riding tour through natural jungle paths following the footsteps of the ancestors through the jungle canopy.
Cenote Adventure Tour, cenote swimming for everyone who likes to keep their feet on the ground, a visit to a real jungle camp, biking from the reserve to the town of Central Vallarta, the original historic town of the chicleros.