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Crococun Zoo
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Puerto Morelos, México - Crococun Zoo Map

19 Miles away from Cancun or Playa del Carmen, we are a fun starting point inside the Mayan Riviera! Come with your friends, come with your family, come with your school, come to celebrate your birthday... come as many times as you want!!

Croco Cun Zoo was originally established as a crocodile farm, dedicated to the breeding of crocodiles and the sustainable commercialization of its products.

In 1988, Croco Cun was pounded by hurricane ?Gilbert?, it practically destroyed the farm. However, as time passed, it began to rise with a new concept: CROCO CUN ZOO, 100% conservationist project. The operation of the farm has now become a sustainable program here in Mexico, because it protects and promotes the conservation of the species.

Nowadays to speak of land, marine, plant, endangered species and animal conservation becomes very common and vitally important to our project.