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Xel Ha
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Carr. Tulum-Puerto Juárez Km. 240, Tulum, México - Xel Ha Map

The Maya christened the area Xel-Ha. Xel for source or spring, and ha for water, so the name roughly translates 'where the water is born' or 'source of the water'.

The Maya availed themselves of its perfect location during pre-Hispanic times and used it as a port and safe harbor when navigating these coasts.
Legend says the Mayan gods pooled their wisdom, dreams and love of beauty to create a place where the best of the Caribbean could be gathered.

They called it Xel-Ha and were so pleased with their work, they decided to let in the mortals, but not before appointing the macaw, the iguana and the parrotfish as the "Guardians of Xel-Ha", keepers of the sky, land and sea respectively.
Nowadays Xel-Ha is a marvelous creation of nature that anyone can enjoy, a collection of coves, lagoons, cenotes and caves where sea water merges with the sweet water of the Yucatan's underground rivers.

Xel-Ha has the most spectacular natural aquarium of the world for you to experience the real aquatic adventure. Explore this theme park and enjoy , adventure activities, natural, ecological attractions and water activities like diving or snorkeling in creeks, lagoons, natural wells and ancient caves fed by subterranean rivers flowing to the beautiful Mexican Caribbean Sea of the Riviera Maya.
All the swim with dolphins activities are truly unforgettable and are definitely experiences you don't want to miss while you are at Xel-Ha..