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Ek’ Balam Ruins
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Ekbalam, México - Ek’ Balam Ruins Map

Still under excavation, Ek’ Balam is an amazing archeological site just recently unearthed and growing in importance.
The architecture and remarkable stucco relieves are a mix of different Mayan styles bestowing a unique mystique to the site, in addition to the fact that it still remains off the beaten path.

Ek’ Balam, the capital of the Maya Empire of TOH, had a population of more than 15,000 inhabitants in 12 square Kms. approximately. 45 structures are surrounded by two concentric stone walls plus there is another one that unites the central buildings.
The walls were used to control the access. The city was one of the longest continuously inhabited Maya sites.

There is not much information available to the general public about Ek Balam yet, but the archaeologists working there are very excited about what they are finding. They hope to work their way down a subterranean stairway. You can imagine their anticipation as they uncover more fascinating glimpses of the ancient world of the Maya.

At the summit of the major temple at the ruins one can see for miles, on a clear day even as far as Cobá, 30 miles away. Raised sacbes stretch out in each direction, testimonies to the high civilization achieved by the ancient Maya. With sculptures and representations unique among all Mayan sites and its majestic palace and grounds, Ek Balam seems literally untouched by time. In terms of art and architecture, this is a site that is sure to change our fundamental concepts of the ancient Maya.

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Ek’ Balam Ruins
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  • Ek’ Balam RuinsEk’ Balam Ruins
    , Ekbalam
    Surrounded by protective walls and four beautiful arches, the architecture of this City is completely different to others in the Yucatán