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Skinny Bikini Potatoes
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Calle 20 entre 5 Av. & 10 Av., Playa del Carmen, México - Skinny Bikini Potatoes Map

Based around the simple promise to create a delicious meal that is healthy and great in value, we discovered that the potato was the perfect platform to build a yummy meal with delicious fresh ingredients, marinated chicken breasts , steak and lobster topped off with one of our many secret Mexican spicy sauces like Chipotle, Poblano, Coriander and Pimienta.


Instead of unhealthy "fast food", we created a better tasting, healthier option that is a nutrient-rich gem of natural goodness. It is light fluffy inside with a crispy skin. It has way less calories than bread, pasta and rice and is much lower in calories & fat. People love it!!!

But the real magic comes from how well a baked potato works. Add to the potato a load of fresh goodies & you have the ultimate in healthy & delicious eating. And when we say “One is just never enough” stop by and discover for your-self why we are the talk of the town.