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Spa Itzá
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Calle Corazon, Playa del Carmen, México - Spa Itzá Map

The serenely elegant Spa Itzá is located in a secluded garden in the "Calle Corazon" district of Playa del Carmen. Guests begin their spa journey by entering a tunnel-like threshold and crossing a shallow candle-lighted pool via a symbolic stone and wood bridge. The centerpiece of the lush garden is a stone sculpture inspired by the Temple of The Sun in the Mayan ruins of Chichén Itzá.
The Rooftop Level opens to the dramatic turquoise beauty and the gentle breezes of the Caribbean Sea. Enjoy an invigorating open air shower and relax on the deck after purifying in the dry sauna or Vapor Lodge. Charmingly appointed men's and women's dressing rooms feature secure lockers.
Spa Itzá is the only spa in the region that harvests natural botanicals from the jungle according to the ancient proscribed techniques of the Mayans, taking great care not to deplete the natural resources. The Spa's treatment regime pays homage to the native Mayans who were early advocates of the healing powers of water, integrating the healing and restorative of water throughout every aspect of spa treatments.